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Curb Management, Curb Planning, Urban logistics

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Urban Planners, Local Governments, Cities, Consultancies, Logistics Services Providers



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Urban Planners, Local Governments, Cities, Consultancies, Logistics Services Providers

Decarbonize urban freight with FlexCurb Planning by Urban Radar.

Urban Radar cloud-based software aggregates real-time mobility and infrastructure data into a platform for planners. We provide visualization, analytics and predictive features.

Diverse and often conflicting uses of street curbs are increasingly common trends.

Curb uses such as loading zones, long-term parking, bus stops, or bike parking need to coexist to achieve an inclusive and efficient use of streets and public space.

FlexCurb Planning centralizes curb supply and demand data into an intuitive platform, revealing how curb space is allocated and used.

Policy- and decision-makers gain valuable insights to improve access and efficiency, and reduce emissions related to curb and parking space.

Urban Radar is trusted by the EIT Urban Mobility and urban planners all across Europe to make our cities more liveable, inclusive and safer.

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Value Propositions

Streamline decision making on curb planning. Digitize curb and parking regulations in a central inventory. Identify and balance curb supply to city goals. Communicate curb regulations effectively.

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