Fleex allows you to optimize routes and navigate on these predefined routes, with rerouting in the event of a route exit and feedback about realizations and missed sections.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Sustainable City Logistics

Fleex is a tool dedicated to mobility with constrained routes and tours such as waste collection, street cleaning, and snow removal.

The solution provides a route creation and optimization tool based on a server that allows the user to create, optimize, and modify its routes. It is possible to record existing routes through our mobile recording application, which records all GPS points the driver drives through.

These routes are sent to an Android Navigation Application, which will guide the driver throughout its mission with job-specific instructions (e.g.: collection side, swiper on/off…) and customizable notifications.

Fleex also provides a comparison of what has been realized by the driver and which sections have been missed. Thus allowing the dispatcher to validate or ask to complete a job.