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Future Mobility Sustainable City Logistics
Fleet operations, Transport simulation, Last-Mile, Demand-Responsive Transport, Smart Cities

Product client

Fleet operator, Urban Planner, Logistics operator, Transport operator



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Product end user

Mobility service provider, Transport operator, Decision-Maker

Fleet managers have a crucial role in shaping the transportation revolution - combining new technologies and business models to revolutionise the way we live, work and move. 

To help with this considerable task, we’ve created Immense: an intelligent digital world and mobility simulation platform. It enables operators and decision makers to deploy optimised fleet services and upgrades the first time, every time by using connected vehicle data and predictive simulations.

Our tool can help in many areas, for instance:

  • Optimise your mobility service operating model
  • Introduce new technologies and business models to your fleet
  • Configure infrastructure requirements to support your fleet operations

Value Propositions

Our Simulation as a Service tool allows you to:

  • Easily generate scenarios
  • Quickly visualise results
  • Assess new mobility services before implementing them on the streets

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