Flash Park: Outdoor IoT parking detection sensors

Flash Park monitors parking in non-delimited areas. The solution offers mapping of available real-world space available with possible connectivity between the driver and the monitoring sensors.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Formed in late 2020, Flash Park SL provides a revolutionary solution to efficiently find parking spots in the streets of crowded cities using a network of renewable energy-powered parking sensors. With the usage of cutting-edge technology, these sensors can leverage 5G connectivity to identify free parking spots in real-time and expose this information to third-parties using an own integrable API.

Further, the solution includes specific features to detect unauthorized use of protected parking spots, as for instance, those reserved for disabled permit holders, in order to ease accessibility and inclusivity for the cities of the future.

The main point of Flash Park is that it is the only parking/monitoring solution that is meant to be for on and off-street parking, regardless if there are delimited parking spots. Apart from that, sensors can include smartphone connectivity to bring a lot of new use cases as pick and collect ones as in this case users can be identified in the spots.