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Sustainable City Logistics Multimodality
data platform, smart city, law enforcement, traffic insights, vehicle search

Product client

system integrators, security and IT distributors, solution providers, security installers



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Product end user

cities, municipalities, logistic operators, car washes, gas stations, police departments, road directorates, airports

FF DataFactory provides reliable and very fast central database for to collect traffic data from LPR camera applications running on Axis (CAMMRA, Axis License Plate Verifier) or Hanwha cameras (Wisenet RoadAI, Roadwatch) from whole city, region or country.

Thanks to it, every user can than find particular car in seconds, count amount of specific vehicles (buses, trucks etc.) and visualize the traffic statistics or build logics based on customers' requests. FF DataFactory can run stand-alone or as a Milestone XProtect plugin, which ensures video evidence to every car detection and possibility to send alarms to Milestone XProtect.

Value Propositions

FF DataFactory is an universal flexible data platform for police, municipalities and businesses for to collect, manage and visualize vehicle data collected by their smart LPR cameras.

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