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demand-responsive transport, AWS, mobility planning, monitoring, analytics

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Public Authorities, Transport Operators, Technology Providers



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Public Authorities, Transport Operators, Technology Providers

Factual DRT monitoring dashboard is a mobility planning tool developed in AWS environment. The DRT monitoring dashboard enables private entities and public authorities to assess opportunities to implement and monitor on-demand mobility services.

The DRT dashboard provides:

  • Visualization and analysis of customisable indicators (e.g. satisfaction)
  • DRT service monitoring based on a predefined list of KPIs
  • Direct connection with the centralised DRT service
  • Extraction of valuable reports for the city and/or the operator
  • Possibility to gather data from multiple operators
  • Comparison between different DRT services
  • Evaluation of future DRT services

This dashboard will help responsible authorities to make informed decisions related to their DRT services.

Value Propositions

Demand responsive transport is a mean to reduce private car ownership - giving cities and private companies the means to implement more sustainable mobility services is part of the mission of Factual.

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