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Mobility & Energy Mobility Infrastructure Pollution Reduction
Charging Station Management, EV Fleet Management, Load Balancing, SaaS

Product client

Charging Station Operators, B2B Companies, EV Fleets Operators, Electric Utilities



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Product end user

EV drivers, EV owners, Owners of private charging points

EVIO developed a SaaS platform for the electric vehicle charging ecosystem, that provides differentiated services, ranging from the EV user to the EV fleet and infrastructure manager, while incentivizes sustainable charging.

We promote the use of renewable energy and efficiency in the use of resources, a connection between the mobility and energy worlds.

The platform can be implemented at country level, cities, by operators, house condominiums, companies, parking lots, shopping centres, hotels, buildings, operators, supermarkets, fleet managers, etc.

The EVIO platform was developed paying special attention to market needs in order to unlock the existing market barriers (e.g. sharing, monetisation, booking, advanced charging options, promote sustainability and help mitigate climate change). The platform is open access, which means anyone can add his/her private charging station and monetise it. On the other hand, EVIO clients know their effective emissions savings and carbon footprint, as our platforms allows our users to know the percentage of renewable energy that is used to charge the vehicle and the percentage of renewable energy that is then used to drive the EV.

EVIO is developing new energy services on top the existing EV charging services, namely to aggregate and use EV’s batteries as a virtual power plant, to provide flexibility and ancillary services to the grid and infrastructure (V2X), as well as to integrate, store and use local decentralized renewable energy production. The technology provides advanced and value-added services to ev charging, mobility and energy ecosystems.

Value Propositions

Our mission is to promote sustainable charging.

EVIO is addressing not attended needs in the market through: enabling operator and cross border interoperability; making available in Europe a digital interface through an Mobile App with integrated payments; EV fleet management tools; sharing and monetization tools even for charging station in the companies premises, allowing to reduce payback; functionalities to do energy load balance management in the same space between charging points and prioritization of charging among vehicles; allow user’s interaction in the charging process to promote the use of renewable energy, thus promoting sustainability and help to mitigate climate changes. Above all, EVIO is working to provide on top the previous mentioned unique services a new set of energy services, taking advantage of the electric vehicle fleets’ batteries does allowing to generate a new stream of revenue for EVIO and to B2B clients, and at the same time to help TSOs and DSOs to manage supply and demand in the electricity market.

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