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Pollution Reduction
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city sustainability managers, city carbon managers, city asset managers, carbon buyers, transport managers



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city sustainability managers, city carbon managers, city asset managers, public transport companies

Cities represent 70% of emissions and only 1% of the voluntary carbon market.

Without a proper solution to measure GHG emissions accurately, cities are struggling to finance their reduction projects through the carbon markets.
Everimpact measures emissions accurately and in real time with satellite imagery, big data and sensors, this helps cities:
  • Measure carbon emissions and sequestration (urban trees and forests) in real-time, across the city territory
  • Identify impactful GHG reduction opportunities and monitor progress of decarbonization measures
  • Automate data capture, save time in collection and reporting
  • Finance certified reduction projects through carbon markets

Value Propositions

Everimpact helps cities measure, reduce and monetize their carbon emissions using accurate and real time data from satellites, ground sensors and AI.

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