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Multimodality Mobility Infrastructure
Fleet management, Decarbonisation, Ev compatibility, Fleet electrification, Electric Vehicle Optimization

Product client

Fleets of all sizes and for all types of activities, taxis, logistics, market players whose customers are fleets, telematics, fleet management solutions, charging point provider, energy providers



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Product end user

last mile delivery, taxis, logistics, public transport companies, mobility service provider

ev-Move Fleet is a transition support platform designed to determine the eligibility of vehicles based on users fleet operational criteria:

  • Operational Analysis:

Analyze fleet's driving data to determine which vehicles can be replaced with EVs, identify journeys that are not compatible with EVs, and run simulations to find the best EV module fit for the fleet.

  • Environmental Analysis:

Estimate the CO2 fleet emissions and project the benefits of electrified vehicles.

  • Energy requirements (€):

Calculate the future energy requirements and expenses.

Why choose ev-Move Fleet ?

Powerful Algorithms: trusted energy consumption algorithms developed in collaboration with major industry partners OEMs, Leasing companies, Charging Networks…

Tailored to Users Needs: considering users' fleet's unique operational requirements, including route types, distances, and charging constraints.

User-Friendly: no technical expertise is required; the intuitive platform makes informed decision-making. 

Value Propositions

Accelerate the fleet transition with ev-Move Fleet: powerful algorithms tailored to users fleet's specific needs to help them make informed EV decisions.

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