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Sustainable City Logistics
last-mile, sustainable packaging, cold chain, monitored

Product client

merchant/producer of temperature sensitive goods, last mile - logistifc players looking to include temperature sensitive goods in their service offering



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Product end user

merchant, producer, last mile logistic player, endconsumer for shopping, picknick, barbecue

Everyone on the globe deserves access to healthy food & medication.

Etheclo contributes by offering a safe, sustainable & smart concept with a packaging & a monitoring component.

A reusable - end of life recyclable - isothermal box including the possibility to have E2E temperature monitoring.

Ideal companion to include perishables (fresh, cold, frozen, even hot) in a controled and save way in e-commerce, Short chain and Smart City concepts - surely in combination with the greenification & electrification of first- & lastmile logistics - vans, bikes , ships, ...

Value Propositions

etheclo, the missing link for thermo sensitive monitoring & logistics - first- & lastmile - safe, sustainable & smart. - cold, frozen, ... even hot ;) - food, healthcare & pharma

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