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Multimodality Mobility Infrastructure
ERP, Public transport, Routes managing, Software for buses

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Public transport operators, Public transport authorities, Local and central administrations



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Transport companies

ZDbus is coach management software developed as an ERP, integrating into a single solution all the operational and administrative areas necessary for road passenger transport companies.

From ZDbus you can manage any type of passenger transport service. It incorporates a complete menu of tools, which will allow you to carry out all the management processes without the need to use additional manual or computer support: Preparation of budgets, rates, quotes, assignment and planning of services to mobile and personal resources, data capture of the digital tachograph, workshop, accounting administration, quality control, treasury and statistics.

ZDbus is the result of rigorous analysis of the processes of leading companies in the sector and the use of the most advanced tools in computer programming.

ZDbus is the result of more than 15 years of experience, development and constant adaptation of your future needs.

Value Propositions

ZDBus is the leading ERP in Spain with an imminent expansion in Latin America, which provides a complete solution for the comprehensive management of a passenger transportation companies

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