prototype, velomobile, e-bike, cargo bike

EQHAWK - velomobile, cargo bike

Ecological 4-wheel hybrid bicycle, powered by human muscle and supported by an electric motor. The vehicle will combine the advantages of a car and a bicycle.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Future Mobility

The vehicle is constructed using a lightweight composite material, protecting against adverse weather conditions and additional safety in case of a collision. It is equipped with seat belts and LED lighting, significantly enhancing user safety. 

According to the regulations in most countries, EQHAWK's product  is classified as a bicycle. Riding it allows costumers to enjoy all the benefits associated with cycling, such as using bicycle paths and sidewalks, without the need for approval, and the ability to park in practically any location. Thanks to the hybrid drive, it is completely emission-free and allows for the adjustment of the effort required to move it.  

This type of drive enables significant savings on operational and service costs compared to road transport, while also being environmentally friendly. The built-in frame provides additional space for a passenger and a spacious trunk, making it suitable for comfortable everyday use regardless of weather conditions.