EP Tender: Smart powerbank trailer for EVs

EP Tender's mission is to accelerate the energy transition with electric vehicles that can travel with peace of mind, while remaining affordable and environmentally sustainable.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Energy

A Tender is smart powerbank trailer which is attacehd to EVs on demand. It adds, within 2 minutes, 300km motorway range to a mass market EV or a light commercial vehicle.

The rental points are located on the city periphery, and along the main corridors. The Tenders are self paring with the vehicle, and self steering when backing, thus providing a seamless user experience. The result is to allow mass market EVs to carry a moderate low tech battery, to be affordable and frugal with a low environmental AND to preserve the freedom of mobility and be fully versatile for occasional long distance trips. 

EP Tender provides a viable trajectory for 2035, with a solution that works, is frugal and delivers a customer experience equivalent to that of a combustion vehicle.