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EV Charging Infrastructure, Electrification, Batteries, Electric Road System (ERS)

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Cities, Infrastructure Providers, Ports, Transporters, Mines, Public Transport Operator



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EV owner, EV fleets operator

Elonroad is a mobility deep tech company, working with road based charging solutions for all electric vehicles. You can charge your EV both while driving as well as being parked. Works for highways, city streets, ports, terminals and other closed loop operators.

Our solution has several smart, built-in features, including load balancing and billing operations. Each vehicle can be monitored and invoiced individually according to the amount of electricity that they have been charging while driving. Moreover, for stationary charging solutions, the charging can be remotely controlled through the app, so the driver has full control of the status of the battery and the charging.


Our rails are easy to install and can be placed on top of the asphalt, as well as integrated into the asphalt.


The unique design only powers short one meter segments at a time directly under the vehicle. This will ensure a safe solution for the surroundings.


Elonroad’s electric road and park charger transfers high power up to 300kW with a 97% efficiency.


From a societal perspective, investing in electric roads is a more financially viable solution compared to other alternatives


The Elonroad electric road system works for all electric vehicles, cars, taxis, buses and trucks.


In Sweden, road based transports account for almost 30% of CO2 emissions. Shifting to electric transports will have a significant positive impact on climate change. A study by RISE concluded that installing electric roads on Swedens four most heavily trafficked roads would reduce CO2 emissions with 20% in transports and only increase energy demand with 4% in peaks!


The electricity needed for all vehicle transports would be about 10-15% of the total consumption. Investments in clean energy should go hand in hand with charging infrastructure.

Value Propositions

  • Electric roads extend driving range and reduce the need of large and heavy batteries. With electric roads as the main charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, we can reduce the battery size by 60% and still get a longer, probably infinite, range. Our ambition is that we use the batteries only to get to and from the electric roads.
  • Elonroad´s vision is to create a green transport sector by electrifying all of transportation. With clean energy from renewables in an emerging charging infrastructure accessible to anyone, drastically reduced CO2 emissions will follow.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label (January 2021).

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