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Mobility & Energy
Electric vehicle, Electric conversion, Retrofit, Circular Economy, CO2 emission

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B2B, B2C, B2G



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drivers, fleet managers, locals authorities, professionals, individuals, citizens

Transition-One designs and produces low-carbon, virtuous and sustainable industrial mobility solutions to fight against climate change and to contribute to the end of fossil fuel use. In order to make our mobility less carbon intensive, we convert light thermal vehicles into electric vehicles with a reasonable range (100km). 

Transition-One recycles existing vehicles to extend their life with low-carbon, local production. 

Our generic retrofit unit is adaptable to many models of the existing car fleet and targets private individuals, professionals, local authorities and fleet managers. Our approach is industrial to respond to the climate emergency by offering a decarbonisation solution for the greatest number.

Our mission: save 1 million tons of CO2 emissions in ten years. 

Value Propositions

Electric cars for all at an affordable price - Convert internal-combustion vehicle into an electric one.

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