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Pollution Reduction
Logistics, Saas, Carbon footprint, Emissions, Sustainability Reporting

Product client

Goods owners, Transport Buyers, Freight forwarders



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Product end user

Transport Buyers, Goods owners, Carriers, Head of Sustainability, Logistics, Transport purchasing

We improve the sustainability reporting and facilitate the shift to greener logistics for our customers.

Elain has a unique approach, utilizing data directly from the source to track and analyze the emissions and energy usage from logistics. The primary data ensures that the results are accurate and verifiable. The collection and calculation is done automatically, saving valuable time for our customers.

Elain's platform facilitates easy tracking of sustainability performance and emission statistics, which can be seamlessly integrated with TMS or preferred visualisation tools. This empowers companies to make informed decisions towards reducing their emissions and showcase their progress to stakeholders.

Value Propositions

Data driven decarbonization in logistics.

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