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Eco-Movement is the top source for global EV charging station data, covering (semi)public chargers. Its real-time database hosts 1,000,000 unique plugs, subject to hundreds of quality checks. Trusted by industry leaders like Google, Tesla, and the European Commission, Eco-Movement integrates data from 3000+ direct connections, offering plug-level attributes refreshed daily.

Its real-time API, based on OCPI protocol, ensures a seamless customer experience, providing location details like coordination, opening times, and access types, along with tariff information covering pricing per kWh, hourly charges, and subscription fees for all countries. Pricing is tailored based on geography and usage.

Explore its Data Offerings for market insights, including EV Charging Station Location & Tariffs Data and a CSV report focused on DC station hardware details, perfect for analysis in tools like Excel and Tableau.

Value Propositions

Most complete, highest-quality global EV charging data sourced directly from Charge Point Operators, enriched with custom attributes. Daily updates, real-time station availability.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Eco-Movement adheres to ISO standards and holds certifications for both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001.

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