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cycling, solar rest area, e-bike charging station, solar energy, parking

Product client

municipality, city, company, self-goverment, hotel, restaurant, pension



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Product end user

cyclists, tourists, citizens

eBIKE PORT solar is a great solution for rest areas next to cycling routes. Thanks to its battery storage and solar panels integrated in the roof you don't need connection to the grid, and parked e-bikes and scooters can charge green energy. Moreover, it provides a place to relax, but also as a shelter from adverse weather.

eBIKE PORT solar is an integrated solution compatible with our charging stations eBIKE BOX simple and eBIKE BOX vision.

The charging station eBIKE BOX vision has these features:

  • 17''inch touch info display - with options like: information about locality (tips what to visit, where to go...), cycle maps, information about charging plugs, place for advertising
  • 5 modular charging connectors - on self-winding system, ebiker doesn't need its own charger 
  • compressor 
  • toolkit for repairs 
  • 2x 230V/10A schuko sockets 
  • 2x USB slots - for charging mobile phones, smart watches... 

Other additional option: 

  • wifi hotspot 
  • alarm 
  • security camera 
  • custom graphic

Value Propositions

Green energy from the sun for your e-bike!

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