E-GAP: urban, mobile on-demand charging service

E-GAP contributes to the development of a sustainable world thanks to a 100% green electric charging service powered by energy from renewable sources.

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Mobility Energy

E-GAP is an urban, mobile and on-demand fast charging service in Europe. Active in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Paris and Madrid, but soon available in other Italian and European cities.

E-GAP has developed a revolutionary electric car charging service where the E-GAP van reaches the vehicle to be charged. 

Through E-GAP's app, the user requests a recharge where and when needed and E-GAP's van reaches the electric car to be recharged. The serivice is available even in the absence of the user.

E-GAP’s fleet consists in a charging power system of 80kW, which allows to provide the recharging  which allows to provide the recharging service at a power equal to a fast type column.

To access the service,simply download the free App on smartphone or tablet and book the recharge. The customer can geolocate or choose a future location where the vehicle will be parked, select the recharging timeframe and follow its progress in real time.