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Active Mobility Mobility & Energy Accessibility & Inclusivity
cycling, DC charging, urban transport, charging station, electric micromobility

Product client

municipalities, tourist operators, locations, green businesses, city hubs, cities, shop owners, Tourism and Hospitality, Clean energy Producers



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Product end user

cyclist, e-biker, cargo bicycle user, commuter, company employees

Out-of-home electric bicycle battery charging solution for every restaurant, hotel, facility or business. Adaptable for nearly any e-bike battery on the market.

  • Perfect for Cities and Municipalities ... we want to increase the attractiveness of our site for cycling visitors and citizens on e-bikes.
  • Tourism and Hospitality ... our hotel, restaurant, info-centre wants to be attractive for its electrified visitors.
  • Shop and Real estate owners .. we want to offer the charge of e-bicycles for our valued customers and tenants.
  • Clean energy Producers ... we love to share our energy and offer the charge of electric bicycles for our customers.

Powerbox.ONE is designed for outdoor installation, it can be permanently placed on the facade of the building or on a post with 230V supply. However, it can also be successfully installed in the interior (eg at the reception of the company).

Value Propositions

POWERBOX is the one stop "wallbox" solution for out-of-home charging for most types of e-bikes/pedelecs/cargo-bikes and even kick-scooters working with 36V propulsion system.

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