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Creating Public Realm Multimodality Accessibility & Inclusivity
MaaS, mobile app, traffic assistant, passenger information, mobility assistant, micromobility

Product client

municipality, automotive company, OEM



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Product end user

citizen, driver

Dynamic Urban Mobility Assistant is a passenger-specific traffic assistant application that informs drivers of private vehicles and bicycles, public transport users and pedestrians about the most accurate information of real-time traffic, incidents, mobility (road work, accident, traffic intensity, parking spaces, etc.) 

  • Real time traveler information
  • Sustainable transportation to the cities as a culture
  • Reporting mechanism that directly brings together city managers and citizens
  • Multimodal analytics for data-based decisions
  • Important step for the city’s C-ITS platform

Value Propositions

Creating accessibility by most accurate, local specific and up-to-date mobility information.

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