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Active Mobility Sustainable City Logistics Multimodality
last-mile logistics, e-bike charging station, e-scooter, docking station, e-bike

Product client

Cities, business, corporate companies, operators, hotels, resorts, public organisations, universities



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Product end user

Citizens, tourists, hotel guests, riders, cyclists

Upgrade your charging and docking infrastructure for bike & scooter sharing with KNOT station! 

The latest KNOT station is universally compatible with various vehicles, including Arcade Moka, OKAI EB100 bikes, ES400A and B scooters, Segway bikes, Max series scooters, and more. 

Equip your fleet with KNOT's charging stations and win the city’s favour with more efficient and sustainable infrastructure for shared transportation!

Value Propositions

All-in-one docking and charging solution including stations, vehicles and sharing app. Seamless integration with current software providers via API.

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