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Mobility & Energy Mobility Infrastructure Pollution Reduction
E-Scooter, Docking station, Micro-mobility, Charging station, Shared Mobility, MaaS

Product client

Cities, Transport operators, Businesses, Parking operators, Hotels



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Product end user

Citizens, Tourists, Employees

KNOT developed a universal docking and charging station for scooter sharing, compatible with most existing models. We provide a complete all-in-one solution with stations, scooters, and sharing app, as well as the universal station for existing operators. 

We believe that micro-mobility is the keystone of tomorrow’s transportation. We also believe that the only way to make it truly green, accessible, and economically efficient is to provide the universal infrastructure for charging and locking. KNOT is not just another scooter-sharing company and not just a docking station producer. We are changing the way micro-mobility integrates into the city landscape to make the transportation revolution possible. 

Already installed in 6 countries, with more than 200 stations deployed, we provide a unique industrial product ready to install. 

Value Propositions

  • Universal docking and charging stations for scooter sharing.
  • Industrial production and implementation tested in various locations with more than 30 networks in over 6 countries. 
  • API for the integration of the station with operator's backend OR an independent sharing app for new operators available

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