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Future Mobility Creating Public Realm
Technology, Urban data, Data platform, Opensource, Govtech

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public administration, municipal utilities



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citizens, public administration, municipal utilities

The Open Urban Data Platform (OUP) is the necessary cornerstone for the use of digital solutions in the context of sustainable and public good-oriented urban development. It allows urban data to be integrated, linked, and applied as needed to address challenges in various areas of urban design – be it for the purpose of more efficient traffic control, more environmentally sensitive building management, or more disability-friendly mobility services.

The company's open-source approach means that the Platform-Code is publicly available on GitHub. This offers the enormous advantage that data sets from different systems can be easily added, harmonized, and linked: In this way, data-based solutions developed by individual municipalities become easily and quickly scalable and transferable, and can contribute to the efficient management of similar tasks of numerous municipalities beyond organizational and municipal boundaries.

Value Propositions

Put urban data into sustainable use for your municipality: With an Open Urban Data Platform!

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

DIN SPEC 91357

FIWARE conform context broker

interoperable with piveau (data management system used by the EU)

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