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Future Mobility
software, passenger counting, APC software, business intelligence software, public transport software, passenger flow, demand prognosis, smart monitoring

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public transport operators, data analyst, public transport associations



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public transport companies, public transport associations, public transport operators

Data is critical for managing and planning mobility. That’s why we collect important data and, in conjunction with other data sources, our software DILAX Citisense transforms it into insights and knowledge. If you know how, when and where passenger flows move through your city, you can identify demand and make the right operational and strategic decisions.

DILAX Citisense has a modular design and can be introduced in full or in stages as required. The software can be quickly and flexibly integrated into existing infrastructure and delivers valuable results within a short period of time.

Value Propositions

DILAX Citisense combines multiple sources of mobility data and offers analysis and reporting for public transport.

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