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Future Mobility Creating Public Realm
urban planning, urban design, consultancy, infrastructure, data analysis

Product client

local authorities, urban design studios, planning consultancies, architecture companies, urban planning companies



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Product end user

architects, urban designers, urban planners, consultants

Diagonal tells compelling stories through maps, showing systems, not segments – so all stakeholders see the same picture.

Places are complex: consultancy makes understanding them simpler. 

The company provides expertise in selecting the appropriate data for project needs, integrating various data types and information, and delivering interactive visual maps. Utilizing a unique approach, data is transformed into tangible, comprehensible, and engaging visual narratives. Emphasizing comprehensive interconnections within city systems, these insights support a deeper understanding of the broader context, contributing to the creation of improved environments:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of place systems, leading to more informed and innovative designs and saving time and resources.
  • Communicate your ideas more effectively with clients and stakeholders and improve client understanding with clear, visually compelling representations of place data.
  • Visualise holistic profiles of places.

Value Propositions

Transforming spatial data into holistic visual narratives

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