DeepSpeed: electric/hybrid jet marine propulsion

DeepSpeed develops the most efficient naval propulsion ever been conceived. Users will spend less energy getting an extended range, and water will be the only footprint they will leave behind them.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Pollution Reduction

The DeepSpeed jet is an innovative marine propulsion system aimed at replacing existing propulsions and surpassing their drawbacks in terms of efficiency and environmental impact, while simultaneously adapting to recent EU anti-pollution regulations with a cost effectiveness and a longer range.

The main innovation concerns the fluid dynamics design, which is completely different from the existing propulsion systems, revolutionary, and therefore protected by a patent.

Innovation in the design, derived from advanced research in fluid dynamic, allows its system to reduce water resistance, minimizing vibrations, noise and allows to achieve higher speed with lower energy consumption: making of the DeepSpeed the most efficient naval propulsion system. Sealence provides the full electric/hybrid powertrain system, included its best in class fireproof batteries.