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Future Mobility Creating Public Realm Multimodality
Carpooling, Traffic reduction, Cost Sharing, App, B2B

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Every day, hundreds of thousands of people in every city need to go to work almost at the same time (at peak hour). Many go by car (to save travel time), and most of them go alone, wasting 4 empty seats in the car, and creating pollution, traffic jams and parking difficulties that they suffer themselves.

"6 out of 10 Spaniards would share a car on a daily basis, to save expenses", but they still lack a means of knowing who else is going in the same direction and is willing to share the cost of the trip.

DedoCar is a mobile app that proposes to the closest compatible travel companions to share the car ride, and automatically shares the cost of the trip.

Many benefits arise from carrying the same people in fewer cars.

Value Propositions

As easy as pressing one button on their mobile phones, travellers can harness the empty seats of cars, to save time and more than half the cost of their trips. They keep enjoying the quickness and comfort of travelling by car, but in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Traffic jams, parking problems and air pollution are reduced. Emitting up to one million tons of CO2 per city and year can be avoided.

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