DASHBIKE: Camera device for cycling and infrastructure data collection

To make cycling safe and even more attractive in an innovative and easy-to-use way, DASHBIKE automatically offers all relevant cycling data and infrastructure data for active & future urban mobility.

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Challenge Area addressed

Future Mobility

Creating Public Realm

A safe and attractive traffic infrastructure is crucial for a successful modal shift in liveable and modern urban areas with active and sustainable mobility. 

The DASHBIKE cam collects all relevant infrastructure data, traffic data and data on cycling incidents in a fully automated and privacy-compliant manner. These unique insights enable the necessary targeted and effective improvement of your urban area. 

In particular, the following findings are always available to you: 

  • highly frequented routes
  • georeferenced road conditions
  • georeferenced passing distances 
  • georeferenced braking and acceleration manoeuvres
  • georeferenced danger spots 
  • georeferenced stopping and waiting times
  • data on traffic flow and traffic volume 
  • measurement of the effectiveness of construction measures
  • full knowledge of the cycling traffic 
  • concrete recommendations for action 

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