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Sustainable City Logistics
cycle logistics, urban logistics, sustainable last mile, analysis, design, training, implementation

Product client

A private or public organisation aiming at decarbonizing its logistics activities., A private or public organisation aiming at optimising its cycle logistics activities., A private or public organisation aiming at experimentating cycle logistics, A public company aiming at developping its strategic approach in favour of cycle logistics



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Product end user

Public organisation, Logistics company, Technicians, Couriers

urbike is a cycle logistics cooperative that positions itself as an accelerator of change in urban logistics by stimulating the use of cargo bikes to replace vans and light trucks for last mile deliveries. Its mission is to transform urban mobility to accelerate the transition to more sustainable and humane cities.

To implement its mission in practice, urbike encourages the development of concrete projects and operational solutions with quantifiable impacts. To achieve this, urbike offers its clients complementary services from bike deliveries to consultancy and trainings.

As part of its consultancy activities, urbike works with organisations to set up new logistics services, optimise existing activities or define and implement logistics transformation strategies. In addition, urbike assists public institutions in the development of cycle logistics in their territories, particularly in studies relating to urban logistics hubs for low-carbon distribution. 

Value Propositions

urbike offers a tailor-made support package in urban logistics. urbike works on the efficiency and sustainability of your logistics by providing a systemic, innovative, and results-oriented approach.

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