CyberAutoMatics: In-vehiclecyber security &fleet performance platform

The most comprehensive in-vehicle cyber security & fleet performance diagnostic system

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Future Mobility

The automotive industry has increasingly drawn the attention of hackers worldwide. Malicious actors are exploiting various attack vectors compromising in-vehicle networks and manipulating critical vehicle functions, leading to catastrophic failures.

Enigmatos addresses this real threat with its cloud-based solution, designed for the real-time cybersecurity monitoring of fleets, preventing vehicles from potential hacking, ransomware, data breaches, sensitive info theft, and business disruptions.

Its unique patented data mining process ensures a full control over the data collection and fidelity check, securing that it is trustworthy and free from any manipulation or tampering. The vehicle profile generated encompasses parameters and attributes used for delivering valuable insights with ML algorithms and analytical practices.

Enigmatos provides unique tools to make informed decisions and optimize fleet operations.

Keep your vehicles on the road, not in the repair shop with Enigmatos!