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car manufactorers, car gateway



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car companies, insurance companies, fleet manager

Cyber2Car prevents attacks from reaching the Connected Car, whereas other companies focus on blocking cyber-attacks after they have reached the car.

More and more cars are already connected. The first phase of the connected car was and still is about giving non-critical information such as reporting of location or car maintenance condition (diagnostic). What the future holds, is the autonomous car whose connection may include the connection to the “heart”, which makes the car more susceptible to the activities on the network and to the possibility of hacking.

Cyber 2.0 (founded in 2015) has developed a disruptive cyber-security technology, based on a unique Mathematical Chaos algorithm, which provides total defense against the spread of Cyber-attacks in organizational networks.

Value Propositions

Cyber2Car prevents attacks from reaching the connected car.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Unique Scrambling System- chaos engine (approved US 9,838,368, US 10,313,318)

Unique Server Support System (approved US 9,794,277, US 9,985,981, US 10,333,956)

Reverse Tracking Technology System (approved US 10,616,231)

Creating multiple Vlans without the use of hardware (approved US 10,397,196)

Unique Gateway System (submitted)

Reverse Chaos for employees who work at home (submitted)

Rendering Reverse Engineering ineffective (in process)

Automatic creation of dynamic lists (in process)

Chaos SSL (in process))

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