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Mobility Infrastructure
curbside management, curbside digitization, digital curb, Curbside Inventory, SaaS

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Cities, Local Governments, Urban Planners, Transport Consultancies, Universities, Parking Authorities



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Cities, Citizens, Mobility Service Providers, Transport Consultancies, Public Transport Authorities, Local Governments, Parking Managers

CurbIQ is a SaaS solution that offers a few suites of products:

Curb Viewer: A dynamic map-based visualization tool that allows municipalities to easily navigate and view their existing curbside regulations in a user-friendly interface.

Public Facing Curb Viewer: A simplified version of Curb Viewer for the general public and can be accessed by users through a variety of web browsers on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Curb Manager: A tool for cities to manage and customize their curbside easily and efficiently by adding, removing, or modifying any curbside regulations through a visual, and dynamic user interface.

Curb Analyzer: A tool that helps municipalities quantify how their curb space is designated, revealing trends that city planners can leverage to better plan for their limited curb space.

Curb Rules API: Allows external parties such as transportation network companies to connect to CurbIQ’s curbside regulation data and implement it into their own applications. 

Value Propositions

Digitise the curb using data automation process which then allows city to manage and analyze their digital curb inventory and share the curbside information to external parties via API.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

CurbIQ name is trademarked and has a patent-pending process

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