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Crowd Management, Traffic Flows, Data-driven, Dashboard, Smart Cities

Product client

City authorities, Tourism companies, Shopping center, Transport operator, Train station operator, Airport operator, Event organiser



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Product end user

Crowd manager, Urban planner, Transport planner

Quality of life in cities heavily depends on the capacities of public spaces. With the ongoing digitisation new technologies for gathering real-time data become increasingly available. Sensors, such as CCTV cameras, WiFi or traffic loops, are already all around which can deliver valuable information to manage crowd movements. The challenge for city and traffic planners remains to bridge data gaps and bring data of different formats together to take better, data-driven decisions.

City Analytics provides its unique platform (“Crowd Analytics”) that empowers professionals to monitor and manage crowd movements in multi-modal networks efficiently in order to avoid negative impacts on urban life quality due to crowded spaces.

Value Propositions

City-scale crowd monitoring platforms are key to drive better decisions - the City Analytics Monitoring Platform is hardware-independent, cloud-based, GDPR-compliant and, highly customizable.

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