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Sustainable City Logistics
Heavy duty cargo bike, urban logistic, low TCO, IoT connected, Full Suspension

Product client

Post and Parcel services, Service logistics companies, Food delivery services, E-commerce companies, Municipalities



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Product end user

Couriers, food delivery, last mile delivery, service logistics, garbage collectors

Next-generation urban logistics
The Chariot FS2 is the rock-solid next generation Chariot e-cargo trike. Engineered to easily carry a lot of volume (up to 1500 L) and weight (up to 200 kg payload), the Chariot rides as easy as a normal two-wheel e-bike.

How? The Chariot has a unique tilting mechanism to optimize steering, corner stability, and ease of use. Next to that Chariot FS2 e-cargo trike is specifically designed for low and easy maintenance and maximum up-time. You will find that it is an ideal vehicle for high-intensity urban logistics.

Based on several years of infield experience, as well as concrete usage data,  the new Chariot FS2 meets the highest expectations of fleet owners as well as the riders.

Value Propositions

The next generation e-cargo bikes that helps organizations deliver a better future.

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