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Sustainable City Logistics Pollution Reduction
cargo-bikes, last-mile, zero-emission, EUR-standard, time-efficient

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City authorities promoting sustainable logistices soultions



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Last-Mile Operators aiming to improve cargo-bike delivery efficiency from micro hubs.

Built of glass-fibre, and able to accommodate the direct transfer of parcels loaded on a Euro Pallet, the Parcels Box was trialled in the HALLO project. The time for transferring goods onto the cargo-bike was halved; these savings occur mid-morning and are important for cargo-bike fleet operators aiming to improve express delivery service performance. The Parcel Box is compatible with GWW's XCYC Pickup, a modern and robust cargobike certified to various standards including EN 15194 and DIN 79010: 2020-02. Innovation is seen in details like the small rubber blocks that can be inserted in the rear side of the box to enable vertical positioning of the bike+box unit; this results in efficient storage (hub space is always limited) and easier handling for bike maintenance tasks. Other details include the vibration dampers, the 3-point secure door lock and the side panels prepared for publicity. Check out the video tutorials!

Value Propositions

Minimizing the time required to transfer high volumes of parcels at cargo-bike hubs is crucial for establishing new sustainable logistics chains.

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