Monark Centro: Cargo bikes for everyone

Monark Centro, a cargo bike range solution for every need.

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Challenge Area addressed

Sustainable City Logistics

Monark offers high quality bicycle solutions since 1908!
Monark Centro serie is designed for urban mobility, to last in every environment.
The bike's platform offers a EU pallet size on the cargo bed and can be build with a 1,3 m3 box with hatch, roll-ups or door.

This is maximum performance with minimal environmental impact!
We know distribution and last mile in and out, our products are developed and tested by larger companies to build a high quality solution.

Monarks bicycle solutions are sustainable already with production, they use steel from SSAB and the frames welded nearby the company's Swedish factory, the rest is build in house. So here you have a product that is sustainable from the beginning!
The company even offers cooperation with one of the smartest, cost efficient fleet management platforms to optimize your fleet TCO.