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Accessibility & Inclusivity
City accessibility, Urban support, Accessible Travel, Digital Health, Smart cities

Product client

Individuals and Groups with access needs, Service care provider, Travel & Tourism provider, Disability provider, Mobility provider, Smart cities provider, Accessibility provider, Local public city hall, Destination Management System provider, OTA provider



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Product end user

Persons with access needs, On-site provider, Smart cities

eAccessCare concept for a more accessible future Urban mobility: eMarketplace for urban support & accessible travel services

A One-stop-shop that facilitates information and Booking of required urban support services from certified providers: this includes Adapted transfers, Accessible accommodation, Assistance care, Assistive tech product rental, and Accessible activities for all.

An Access Key is provided, functioning as a facilitator, augmenting the quality of life and diversifying travel alternatives for those with differing accessibility requirements in urban settings. The ongoing pilot is taking place in Barcelona, with the intention of extending this concept to establish a network of Smart Accessible Cities across the European Union.

Value Propositions

A One-stop-shop that facilitates information and booking of required urban support services from certified providers.

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