BPARCO Mobility Arch

European first multifunctional micromobility parking solution

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

BPARCO Mobility Arch / Mobility square are European's first micromobility parking racks fully compatible with U-locks to secure both bicycles and e-scooters. 

Innovative part, enabling this dual function, is patented mid-bar that represents important improvement to already state-of-practice staple and inverted-U parking racks. 

Mid-bar is configured  for application of standard size U-locks to secure e-scooters as efficiently as they are used to lock bicycles. 

It features couple of holes in specific layout that enable effective use of U-locks in locking e-scooters in manner that they can not be toppled down, easily vandalised, wobbled nor pulled through the inner part of U-lock, thereby enabling safe and orderly parking of e-scooters.