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Active Mobility Mobility & Energy Mobility Infrastructure
e-bike charging station, scooter docking, parking, micromobility, 2-point locking

Product client

Public transport authorities, Public transport operators, Private mobility operators



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Product end user

Cyclists, Micromobility user

BLOCK 2P is the next generation of bicycle and scooter racks that enables the most secure and convenient way of publicly storing and charging urban micromobility vehicles. With its novel rack design BLOCK 2P enables 2-point locking with one simple motion and is therefore considered as the Fort Knox of bike racks.

The robust yet stylish hardware is coupled with a versatile software enhancing smart city urban mobility tasks (including 5G small cell hosting and location-based marketing) and enabling fully automated (electric) bicycle and scooter rental services for the hospitality industry.
Cyclists use the system with the free BLOCK iOS and Android application, with a pre-programmed RFID/NFC card (e.g. city card, loyalty card) or with a PIN code.
BLOCK 2P is a future-proof investment enabling cities to receive revenue from bicycle and scooter parking and also provide valuable data regarding micromobility habits.

Value Propositions

BLOCK 2P fights bicycle and scooter theft for a more sustainable urban mobility future. 

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