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Active Mobility
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The use of the bicycle as one of the common means of travel has increased in recent years, especially in cities. Consequently, the number of accidents in where cars and bicycles are involved has also increased.

In fact, according with the latest study carried out by the European union, more than 2.000 people die each year in bicycle accidents, highlighting a strong increase in the number of cyclist’s deaths in urban areas, where is located the 55% of total of cyclist fatalities in the European countries.

In most cases of bicycles accidents, when cyclists are braking or changing the turn direction, other vehicles do not warn the cyclist movements generating risks situations for cyclists.

However, nowadays it's easy to identify the existence of lack of efficient safety devices for cyclist, since the 99% of lighting devices from market don’t have any communication system with other vehicles, relying on the obsolete rule of using an extended arm to indicate the turn direction, which may destabilize the rider balance and even it can be cause of accident, especially in shared traffic lanes. For this reason the risk perception for many cyclists, it’s still a handicap when they are using the bikes among motor vehicles.

Taking into account the risk factors for cyclists within the increasingly complex traffic conditions, BLINK! Lighting Saddles offers a complete signaling system in a wide range of saddles, that allows to equip any bicycle with braking light, turn signals and rear position lights, providing the cyclist with the most advanced communication solution to warn of all its movements to other road users.

Furthermore, beyond its signaling functionalities, BLINK's technology has been carefully developed combining the lamp design, arrangement of lighting elements and the most advanced refraction techniques, presenting unique features within the market of lighting devices, such as the Glare-Free technology and the 270 Degrees Visibility.

Value Propositions

BLINK! Lighting Saddles awards not only cyclists, but also the rest of road users and even pedestrians with a new simple and affordable solution, that contributes in the improvement of the urban mobility, in order to reduce current increase of accidents where bicycles and cars are involved.

BLINK! Lighting Saddles unique selling points:

  • Promotes active mobility.
  • Reconciling the sharing traffic between bicycles and motor vehicles.
  • Improve cyclist´s safety.
  • Reduce current increase of cyclist’s accidents.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

BLINK is a patented technology granted in Spain and applied at the EPO phase for its extension in the European target markets 

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