Bicihangar Rocket: Secure bike & scooter parking

Bicihangar Rocket is a unique solution to accelerate the change towards sustainable urban mobility by eliminating a major barrier: the absence of secure parking options for bikes and scooters.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

The Bicihangar Rocket is a smart, modular and scalable parking solution for micromobility in cities that protects bicycles and scooters from vandalism, theft and inclement weather.

The Bicihangar Rocket is completely digitized, which allows a considerable improvement of the user experience by being able to offer monthly subscriptions or pay-per-use. The user accesses the Bicihangar Rocket through an app instead of using a physical key or a card, which allows an immediate use of the parking.

Bicihangar Rocket is designed to occupy half of a car space, which makes the solution scalable using car parking spaces, instead of pedestrian curb space. The system is also completely autonomous (solar energy) avoiding construction works or connections to the power grid. It can be easily installed in less than a hour. In order to cope with higher user demand or variations, it can be relocated easily, as it is not “anchored” to the ground. It is also modular, so we can grow and scale as needed.