Bib Batteries: EV Batteries monitoring and management platform

A comprehensive solution to manage electric vehicles batteries, aiming to reduce their carbon footprint thanks to data-based analysis and the integration of all circular economy stakeholders.

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Bib is one of the first business in the world with the ambition of connecting all the actors in the battery value chain thanks to data, to make them more sustainable.

The company offers electric vehicle fleet managers who operate lithium batteries (such as in scooters, electric bikes, mopeds or electric cars):

  • Complete visibility of the state of health of their battery fleets thanks to our comprehensive monitoring tool
  • Predictive maintenance actions, such as battery replacement schedules, thanks to life-expectancy simulations
  • An av. 20% saving in their operational battery maintenance costs - through the decision-making tree on the platform - to repair batteries only if it is financially profitable for them (in comparison with the costs of recycling and buying new batteries)
  • A global reduction of their battery-related carbon impact by doubling their lifespan (repairing them in their 1st life and reusing them for another application in a 2nd one)