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Mobility Infrastructure Pollution Reduction
bluegreen infrastructure, SaaS, climate risk, noise, heat, decision-making

Product client

BGI builder can be used by urban planners and developers who want to assure climate proof mobility and access to green spaces, BGI builder can be used to retrofit streets and bike lanes with bluegreen infrastructure with most co-benefits



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Product end user

urban planners, asset managers, residents

Cities over the world are grappling with a massive responsibility to increase their climate resilience. The stakes are high because not preparing for a changing climate is extremely costly, as shown by insurance figures on damage costs of recent heat waves and flood events. Investing in green infrastructure is a smart way to turn climate resilience not just in a cost, but in a smart and effective way to make cities more liveable. Why? Because green roofs, raingardens, porous pavements and urban trees are proven to reduce negative impact of heat islands and floods, while also improving air quality, biodiversity and noise levels…a win for nature and the citizens!
But to make large scale changes with real impact, cities need to know where to invest in which amount of green infrastructure to achieve maximum impact with best cost-benefit ratios and clear ROIs for different players. And this is where BitaGreen comes in and develops software and know-how to maximize blue-green value!

Value Propositions

For urban risk managers, BitaGreen provides data, models and monitoring to prioritize bluegreen infrastructure investment with highest risk reduction and resident well-being increase.

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Exclusive IP license with freedom to operate as spin-off of Brussels University

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