BelotPay: One app for all transports

One app for every mobility need.

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BelotPay offers a new method of fare payment, independent of validators. Be-In Be-Out.

BelotPay is based on the interaction between the Bluetooth beacon in the vehicle and the passenger's smartphone, which has a Bluetooth module. The number and route of the vehicle where the passenger is located are precisely identified by the app. With the help of the app, you may provide a passenger with Mobility as a Service along with an easy way to pay for various forms of transport as well offering them some discounts to foster the use of public transport. 

The app does not require any special registration or entry of personal passenger data other than credit card details.

Payment for the fare is made immediately directly from the passenger's account to the transport operator's account using the PSP.

Credit card details are entered on the PSP's secure interface and are not stored in the app.

Offer operators and government public transportation departments the implementation of our solution,