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Mobility & Energy Pollution Reduction
Battery upcycling, Battery recycling, Clean tech, Circular economy, Sustainable battery value chain, Battery reuse

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Recyclers, Micromobility Providers, Power Tool Providers, OEMs, Automotive Industry, Battery ecosystem, Battery value chain, Battery Producers



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Recyclers, Electric mobililty service providers, Power Tool Providers, Battery Producers, OEMs, Automotive Industry, Micromobility industry, EVs

Circu Li-ion is a battery upcycling company headquartered in Luxembourg. The company's accelerates the green revolution by maximising the value of each battery enabling a truly sustainable and economical electrification of the economy.

Today’s recycling methods destroy multiple functioning parts of a battery, Circu Li-ion’s automated battery dismantling and diagnostics solution recovers up to 90% of battery cells for 2nd life application and multiple clean material flows.

The company reduces CO2 emissions significantly - an ISO 14044 standard conform LCA of Circu Li-ion’s battery upcycling process shows a -48% reduction (max 50%) compared to a traditional battery lifecycle.

Given the high volume of batteries treated Circu Li-ion offer the BATDAT dashboard to various battery industry players enabling data driven decisions in an exponentially growing market.

Value Propositions

Automated battery disassembly & cell level diagnostics solution to enable a sustainable circular battery value chain through reuse.

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Patented cell extraction unit

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