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battery-as-a-service, last mille logistic, battery swapping station for microvehicles, sharing fleet battery provider

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proveedores de flotas compartidas, empresas de logística de última milla, propietarios de flotas de micromovilidad, empresas de renting de microvehículos, empresas de sharing de microvehículos



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Empresas de logística de última milla, proveedores de flotas compartidas, usuarios de bicicletas eléctricas, usuarios de scooters, usuarios de bicicletas de carga, usuarios de ciclomotores electricos

LEVOX: the battery swapping solution for micro electric vehicle fleets

Operators of micro electric vehicle fleets need a safe and efficient charging infrastructure that allows them to keep their vehicles running 24/7.
LEVOX offers a decentralised battery swapping solution that meets all the requirements of micro electric vehicle fleets.
Levox battery exchange stations:
 - Monitor batteries 24/7.
 - Are multi-battery
 - Enable battery changes in a matter of seconds
 - Located in key locations
 - Charge batteries safely and gently

Value Propositions

The solution for the autonomy problems of electric micro-vehicles. Levox offers charging for all types of batteries in just a few minutes.

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