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Sustainable City Logistics Multimodality
navigation, mobility, multimodal navigation, multi vehicle, traffic estimation

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companies, governmental facilities, governments

Basartrafik differentiates between different vehicle types such as cars, buses, public transportation vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, ambulances, fire trucks, police vehicles and generates different traffic data for each vehicle type.

With this traffic data, it generates different routes for different vehicle types by evaluating road attributes such as the number of lane information, the presence of safety lanes, intersection crossing superiority features, and the privilege of using the road in the opposite direction of movement.

Besides, different countries have different traffic habits. For example, traffic flows differently in a European country, a Middle Eastern country, America and India.  Basartraffic is adaptable for different regions.

Basartrafik provides API usage for use in B2B projects.

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BasarTraffic: Unrivaled Localization in Mapping

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