BAQME is the first company globally to offer a free floating shared cargo bike service.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Sustainable City Logistics

BAQME is a platform for shared electric cargo bikes, on a mission to reduce short-distance car trips in cities.

Problem: Cities are struggling to meet climate goals. 75% of people will live in cities by 2050. 25% of greenhouse gas emissions comes from transportation in these cities. In Europe, 50% of all car trips are <5km, within cycling distance. People still default to their car for these short-distance trips whenever they need to travel with pets, kids, groceries, parcels, etc. E-cargo bikes are a healthy and sustainable alternative, but very expensive (>EUR5k) to purchase.

BAQME's platform offers a possibility to use e-cargo bikes economically, thereby making sustainable short-distance transport affordable to the wider public. BAQME's e-cargo bikes are shared, and subscribers only pay for what they really use. Users can find an e-cargo bike when & where they need via the BAQME app.

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