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Mobility Infrastructure
Asset management, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Traffic signage monitorization, Road surface damage detection, Data gathering

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Urban Maintenance Department, Maintenance services companies



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Urban Maintenance Department, Maintenance service companies

ASIMOB provides the tool for cities to automate the regular monitoring of traffic signs, both vertical and horizontal, as well as damages in the road surface.

ASIMOB uses lightweight, low-cost devices on-board of commercial fleet vehicles (i.e. municipal maintenance vehicles) that are programmed to automatically collect video and data from the streets with the established frequency (i.e. bi-weekly for the whole city, daily for road works areas) and send them to the cloud.

On cloud, ASIMOB analyses the obtained data, to extract the relevant information and makes it available to road maintenance service provider via its web interface. Road maintenance managers receive alarms when an incidence is detected (i.e. a missing traffic sign), and can easily check the condition of all the traffic signs and road surface from their computer: stickers, graffiti, broken signs, cracks and potholes in the pavement.

ASIMOB enables early detection of damages to keep roads in the safest conditions.

Value Propositions

With ASIMOB cities can rely on accurate information about the condition of the urban road infrastructure.

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